Getting New Ideas For Video Games Part 1

A springboard for game developers

Creating video games is an art, without a doubt. The problem is, it’s not easy to think of video game ideas. And even when we have an idea, it doesn’t seem as fresh or exciting as we’d like it to be. Here are some ways you can find some creative ideas to keep your video game fun from start to finish.

1. Make it fun. Humor has a wonderful way of turning what seems scary and boring into something that is not only tolerable, but attractive as well. And if boredom is a disease, laughter is your cure. If you can insert jokes, funny pictures or silly characters into your game, your players will relax and associate your game with good feelings – a definitive formula for success.

2. Let your mind wander off the beaten track. Since much of our thinking is associative anyway, there’s no reason why you can’t manifest this association in your video game. When one idea makes you think of another, include it as part of a video game, regardless of how illogical the connection is (at first). Remember that video games are your platform for creativity. Time to get a little wild and unconventional. Without this free form thinking, we definitely wouldn’t have the creative gems we have today. You can always restore your sense of logic to the game at the appropriate time.

3. Make your dreams come true. Literally turn your dreams into video game scenarios. Have you had a nightmare lately? Include what is scary in the game. Have you had a ridiculously stupid dream lately? Include it in the game as a diversion or distraction. Sometimes dreams can be as interesting as life and as a game developer you want your games to be the same. Keep a dream journal and write down those strange experiences you have at night. Your players will thank you.


4. Copy nature. Let’s be honest: nature is quite strange. We have bees flying around and pollinating the plants. We have water evaporating in the sky and then falling from the clouds like rain. Childbirth is a strange phenomenon in itself and germs: the smallest thing on the planet can take down a herd of elephants. If you could emulate some of these follies in your video games, you would have done what every man secretly wanted to do for himself. And this is taking nature in your hands and giving shape to the reality you want! But don’t faithfully copy nature. Rotate it. For example, instead of bees flying around and pollinating plants, your video game might have 3-inch aliens flying around and pollinating FBI agents with brainwashing. Are you starting to get the idea?

5. Immerse yourself in history. Another good resource for video game material is our history, but not the boring stuff. We are talking about good things. Shameful things. Search for weird and bizarre news online and include the silly things that people have done in the past as part of your game’s storyline. Your players won’t believe what they see!

6. Become happy with the metaphor. Metaphors are figures of speech in which expressions are used to refer to something that does not literally denote. It simply suggests a similarity. We’re not sure, but we’re pretty convinced that many of the spaceships in video games are based on what we call the “nuts and bolts” metaphor. If you take a close look at the blueprints of some of these vehicles and then look at some of the tools you have in your toolbox, you’ll begin to see a similarity between the two as we did. You can do the same in your video games to create truly unique images and situations.

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